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What about the film inspired you?

"This film was probably the best presentation of the case for nonviolence that I’ve ever seen. I hope we can get millions of people to see it."

"I appreciated learning how much work around nonviolence is being done around the world."

"I loved the connection of the idea of learning how to be our best selves is important to Non-violence."

"I thought the film gave a positive outlook for these difficult times and positive steps."

"Film was great. The historical view was enlightening. Standing alone, the definition of the 3 Harmonies was inspiring. It gave me a lot to think about. Thanks."

"Grateful for the overview of nonviolence in the film. Compelling!"

"I was inspired about how well done the film was and I believe it could resonate with people from all different viewpoints."

"I liked the balance of emphasis on both individual behavior and environmental re-creation."

"Loved the parts about NP -- in the field, Mel before Congress, cofounder David Hartsough's story, and Tiffany's comments." 

"The weapons of the peace warrior must be learned; peace movements work faster and better than war movements."

"Showing the need for [nonviolence] globally and domestically."

"Loved the balanced approach to the topic including social and brain research."

"Historic overview, data support, brain connection in community, and encouraging film."

"The movie supports and reaffirms my belief in the goodness of people no matter their background and where they live. It doesn't take complicated weaponry for all of us to live together as we deal with the daily challenges we face!"

"Powerful film that touches many socially racist points that we live in everyday."

"Changed my understanding and built my hope. Admiration and gratitude to all."


How could you use the film?

In Schools

"Schools, schools, schools."

"High schools, universities."

"Share this film with high school and college students who are our future."

"I would like to be able to show the film to my online college students."


Community and Faith Groups

"Show my congregation!"

"Show to our senior cooperative communty."

"Want to show the film at a Florida Peace & Justice Alliance meeting."

"Could be useful to have participants watch in preparation for a Zoom nonviolence for direct action training."

"I would like to show it to NV Midland Chapter and send it to my friends."

"Important for everyone in volatile communities, particularly in view of possible police or fed action as in Portland, to organize with an idea to work with others with generosity and flexibility and figure out ways to protect each other."

"I’d love to have it be gifted to our local BLM and Center for Healthy Minds etc."


Government, Police, and Incarceration Systems

"Show to our police community."

"Share with local governments in order to make an impact at a root level."

We would like to have it shown in schools and universities; on our national broadcaster; at our upcoming Transylvania International Film Festival in 2021 and in our workshops and training programmes around the world

"Could be useful to show to the incarcerated and those working on criminal justice rethinking."

"We're working on reimagining security, the police, in our region and would love to show this to the police boards, community oversight groups, City Councils, and my activist networks."