More people are displaced by war and violence and for longer periods than any time since WWII. The sum total of all multi-lateral, governmental, and nongovernmental efforts — both armed and unarmed — to protect civilians does not come close to meeting the need today.

Fifteen hundred people from throughout the world will gather in Washington DC next week to grapple with how we can work toward the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals in a world wracked by violence. The Fragility, Conflict and Violence Forum will be hosted by the World Bank.

Tiffany Easthom, NP’s Middle East Program Director, and Mukesh Kapila, NP’s Board Chair, will be on the panel, "More than the Sum of Its Parts: The Security, Humanitarian, Development Nexus." Joining them will be Jordan Ryan, Vice President, The Carter Center, Joelle Jenny of the EU, Oliver Ulich of the UN Department of Peacekeeping, and Marine Buissonnière from Doctors without Borders’ Beyond Kunduz Initiative.

(Published Feb. 29, 2016)

Together they will challenge each other about how to integrate security, humanitarian aid and sustainable development in a way that not only coordinates, but reinforces, each methodology.

How can security promote sustainable development and support humanitarian assistance that does no harm?

And more fundamentally, they will explore how people, working in these pursuits, knowingly or unknowingly serve powerful political interests, with their own (frequently covert) geopolitical security and commercial interests.

Update: Watch live today starting at 1:30 (EST) at

Tiffany and Mukesh speak during the panel from 3:40– 5:30 EST (2040- 2230 UTC).

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