Press Clip Source: Metta Center for Nonviolence
Date: May 3, 2016
Written by: Soneile Hymn
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This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, we continue the conversation on the Just War Doctrine, and discuss how Nonviolent Peaceforce and activists in the Catholic Church are working (with success) to change the face of conflict as we know it. Eli McCarthy, Director of Justice and Peace for the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, and Mel Duncan, Founding Director of Nonviolent Peaceforce, join Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler to report on the recent Vatican conference, “Nonviolence and Just Peace: Contributing to the Catholic Understanding of and Commitment to Nonviolence” where they presented a document rejecting the Church’s just war theory, and outlining a nonviolent alternative to dealing with intense conflict. Don’t miss this discussion of the philosophy of Just War, how nonviolent methods can replace this theory, highlights from the conference, and the process they used to come up with the document that they presented at the conference.

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