Ceasefire Monitoring TrainingNonviolent Peaceforce and its local partner, the Shalom Foundation, conducted a two day training in Mawlamyine, Mon State, from 25 to 26 September 2014. The training, supported by the European Union, was the second of two trainings that introduced the concept of civilian ceasefire monitoring to a selected group of candidate monitors from various townships around Mon State. For the participants these trainings were an opportunity to assess their interest and capacity in becoming a monitor, for the organisers they were an opportunity to identify suitable candidates and better understand the local context. Participants, for example, shared issues of concern among communities they represented, which allows the project to prioritise and streamline future monitoring efforts. 

While the training allowed civilians from Mon State to learn more about the current ceasefire process and ways in which civilians can support it, the training allowed the Shalom Foundation and the Civilian Ceasefire Monitoring Committee (CCMC) to hone their skills in conducting training on civilian ceasefire monitoring. Several sessions that NP facilitated in the first training, were now facilitated by either the Shalom Foundation or members of the recently established Committee. The CCMC will conduct additional training and awareness raising activities Ceasefire Monitoring Trainingin various townships in October before finalising the recruitment of the civilian ceasefire monitors for Mon State. It is envisioned that the civilian monitors will support the on-going efforts of the Ethnic Armed Groups (EAGs) and Government of Myanmar to protect the civilians.

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