These South Sudanese women had spontaneously broken out in song while waiting to meet with our Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) Bentiu camp team. The words go something like this:

"We all work for peace like nonviolence in Bentiu camp.

NP supports us in building a safe place to work out our community concerns.

All the reports which have been collected have brought us good things, brought us back to good, peaceful living. Nonviolence has stopped the violence and humiliation against women.

Now we are good, and we are free, we all support peace like nonviolence in the camp."

The women were part of the Sector 5 Women's Association, which existed in the camp before NP discovered them. With training from NP, they are now considered part of the network of Women's Protection Teams. The song was to celebrate the power and voice that NP had helped them discover, which has reduced much of the conflict within the camp.

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