Invest in Peace. Purchase Peace Bonds and Peace Masks


Peace Bonds


The 5x7" Peace Bonds and Peace Mask can be ordered by:

What are Peace Masks? Peace Masks are handmade masks from community partners in South Sudan and the Philippines. 

What are Peace Bonds? A Peace Bond symbolizes an investment in working with local communities to build peace and using unarmed methods to protect civilians. Featuring fabrics from our team in Myanmar, Iraq, the U.S., the Philippines, and South Sudan, this photo collage is a representation of our shared efforts around the world to protect one another. You support the protection of civilians by supporting Nonviolent Peaceforce. This Peace Bond can be given as a gift, hung on your wall, or used as stationary. 

A Peace Bond is an investment in peace.

Peace Bonds® are a registered Trademark. 

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