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Our Hands Boy, Our Hands for Our Country

Date: September 11, 2023

As sung by Sara Mohammed Sulaiman, NP Protection Officer working in Sudan.

Amid ongoing conflict in Sudan, Sara, a National Protection Officer in North Darfur, sings a special ballad. Sara is often asked to sing the well-known song to comfort her neighbors in Sudan.

Within the lyrics is the story of her community and the challenges the country has faced due to war and conflict, including violence, loss, trauma, and separation from loved ones. Sara’s song is both a call for unity and for collective nonviolent action.

Sara also alludes to the resilience, autonomy, and collaboration she observes every day by communities committed to their homeland, as well as their interest in rebuilding their nation.

Despite these hardships, Sara’s piece emphasizes a wish for peace and healing, while attesting to the community's resilience, hope, and continued faith in the possibility of a brighter future.

English translation below

Our hands, boy, our hands for the country.
God willing the alienation does not exist or sterilizes and the deadly money does not exist.
The green check! I swear you took our children early, you took them.
Our hands, boy, our hands for the country.
*. *. *. *
If my brother who is in alienation comes and God fixes our situation, and wish God fixes our situation.
Because we took the alienation which is delaying us.
Our hands, boy, our hands for the country
*. *. *. *
We produce with our own hands and work hard together for our debts to be taken from us, then we will build our country, and our country becomes for us.
Our work ethic our work ethic leads us to hope
*. *. *. *
When you reform government and you can see my life and you know, my life, you will not neglect me but you will insist on helping me. And…
When the ruling is reformed, Sudan will become fair.

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