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Our Work In Sudan

The need for protection in Sudan

The power struggle between Sudan’s SAF and RSF erupted in April 2023, causing over 10,000 casualties and displacing 5.6 million. Sexual violence is rampant, particularly during daily activities like collecting firewood. Dire humanitarian conditions, including a cholera outbreak, persist, with international groups facing access challenges. Violence against civilians is widespread, underscoring the urgency of addressing the crisis.

NP’s work in Sudan

NP established an on-the-ground presence in 2021 in Darfur. Since then our teams have been ‎deepening community protection across Darfuri communities. NP's activities include: 

  • Strengthening Local Skills: Together with Women Protection Teams and Early Warning/Early Response Committees, NP partners with local communities to identify and mitigate threats to safety and human life, ensuring swift responses to emergencies.
  • Widespread Conflict-Related Sexual Violence & Sexual and Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response: NP shares information on existing services for victim survivors and their families. We also directly support survivors, including referrals to nearby clinics and accompanying them to receive medical treatment.
  • Enhancing Resiliency, Responding to Trauma: NP provides training and support for individuals facing acute stress and shock due to violence in the community, especially psychological first aid.
  • Accessing the "Inaccessible": NP's unique position in establishing relationships and navigating challenges means we are able to do this work in perceived "inaccessible" areas, such as Zamzam Camp.
  • Amplifying Local Needs: We collaborate with humanitarian actors and state ministries to deliver conflict-sensitive aid in North Darfur.

Response since April 2023:

The future of NP’s work in Sudan

As we witness escalating violence and instability, NP reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding communities in Sudan. With a proven track record in community protection teams, psychological first aid, and conflict-sensitive advocacy, we will continue adapting to address evolving protection concerns across the region.

As of January 2024

Displaced inside/outside Sudan since April 2023: 7.6 million 

Killed since April 2023: 13,000+
Injured since April 2023: 26,000+

In need of assistance: 24.8 million

GPI Ranking of Peaceful Countries: #154 out of 163

Online training program 2020
New Program established 2021

Our Impact

total participants across 7 trainings for people in need of psychological first aid support & 40 sessions for individual cases
Community protection teams across North Darfur alone
people reached through awareness-raising campaigns on on SGBV prevention and response

Our Team in Darfur

Interim Head of Mission:
Nicola Pyatt
NP North Darfur team pose for a picture in front of a building.

“I decided to share the information with our community ... in order to ensure that they shouldn’t be in my situation."

Abualgasim Abdalla Yagoub, NP National Protection Officer in North Darfur, on the power of sharing community protection tips
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Today, the level of violent conflict is increasing across the globe. This violence isn’t solving problems … it’s making the world more dangerous for us all. But you and I know there is another way. For 20 years, NP has been on the ground protecting civilians and working side-by-side with local communities to resolve conflicts. What makes our work truly remarkable is we do it all through unarmed strategies, and the extraordinary generosity of caring friends like you.

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NP North Darfur team pose for a picture in front of a building.
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