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Our SpeakUp® Mechanism
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Before we begin:

Safeguarding policy and accountability procedures at Nonviolent Peaceforce

Nonviolent Peaceforce has a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who harms people in our organisation, our partners or the communities we work with, or who puts anyone – and especially vulnerable adults and children – at risk of abuse, harm or exploitation. We recognise that power imbalances in the humanitarian and development sector have led, and continue to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse.

Our safeguarding policy has been developed to prevent and respond to all forms of harassment, abuse and exploitation in the context of this power imbalance, including: sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, bullying in the workplace, and abuse and harm against children and vulnerable adults.

Our Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures is intended to encourage individuals who observe any type of unsuitable behaviour to speak out without fear of retaliation. No one (including Nonviolent Peaceforce’s partners and people we work with) who in good faith reports a violation of the Code of Conduct or fraudulent behaviour shall suffer harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment consequence.

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What can I report?

Minor misconduct, like office arguments or other workplace disagreements, should be reported directly to your local line manager (employees and volunteers) or HR office (anyone we work with). These issues will be dealt with by in-country management.

If your complaint concerns your manager or serious misconduct, you should use the SpeakUp® reporting mechanism. Serious misconduct includes:

  • Corruption (fraud, theft, and other forms of dishonesty)
  • Breaches of confidentiality
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Failure to ensure staff safety
  • Discrimination
  • Assault
  • Harassment, bullying, and verbal abuse

How does the incident reporting process work?

I want to raise a concern. Where do I go?

➡ 1. Discuss with the person(s) involved.

➡ 2. Discuss with your line manager, manager’s manager, HR colleague, or Safeguarding Advisor/focal point.

If you are uncomfortable with the above, you have 2 options to file a report:

➡ Option: Email [email protected]

This email can be directly accessed by NP's Global Head of People, Culture & HR and NP's Executive Director.

If you have a complaint regarding NP's Executive Director, please email NP's Board Chair, Lucy Nusseibeh, at [email protected]
If you have a complaint regarding NP’s Global Head of People, Culture & HR, please email NP’s Executive Director, at [email protected]

➡ Option: Report online or via phone using the SpeakUp® Webform (here's the link to use if you are an NP Employee, and here's the link to use if you are an NP external partner)

You can leave your contact information or remain anonymous. The service is operated by a third party, People Intouch, an independent Dutch company. People Intouch is responsible for processing all messages.
Once People Intouch sends the messages to NP, they can be directly accessed by NP's Global Head of People, Culture & HR and NP's Executive Director.

More about the SpeakUp® Webform process:

I want to make a confidential report. How can NP staff, volunteers, partners, and people NP works with safely report cases of suspected misconduct?

Anyone (including Nonviolent Peaceforce’s partners and people we work with) can raise a concern or make a complaint to Nonviolent Peaceforce about something they have experienced or witnessed without fear of retribution.

You can do this through our confidential reporting lines (more information about the process above):


Web: Employee

At the SpeakUp® online platform - if you are an NP Employee

Get Started

Web: External

At the SpeakUp® online platform - if you are an NP external partner

Get Started
SpeakUp® Email


[email protected] - for both employees and partners

Email now
SpeakUp® Phone


Look up the phone number & instructions for your country - for both employees and partners

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This is not a hotline. If an imminent breach of NP’s Code of Conduct or Safeguarding Policy constitutes a serious threat to a person’s life or welfare or to NP’s integrity, reputation, or assets, the witness(es) are encouraged to bring it to the immediate attention of the management level or national authority capable of preventing it.