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United States

A group of people pose for a photo together after de-escalation training in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York.
Our Work In the United States

The need for protection in the United States

The United States finds itself at a time of division and upheaval: Political and social divisions. Record gun sales. An increase in hate groups and hate crimes against particular racial, ethnic, and gender groups. 

With this upheaval and calls for reimaging of safety and security, there is an increased need and an increased interest in unarmed civilian protection in schools, civic spaces, and neighborhoods.

NP’s work in the United States

Grounded in the strengths and needs of local community partners, NP is building relationships with community members, leaders, and organizations to identify gaps and approach safety and security from a holistic perspective. Our work is informed by understanding what communities need to feel safe and secure—to feel affirmed and a sense of belonging— which includes and goes beyond physical safety.

  • Providing direct protection: Not only does there need to be a systemic and cultural uprooting of the violence that permeates so much of U.S. society, but there is also an immediate need for direct civilian protection at certain flashpoints for violence, from neighborhood events to community actions. NP continues to train new indiviudals to deescalate conflicts without weapons, liaise between groups, accompany vulnerable communities, and more. 
  • Strengthening community protection capacities: We believe communities know best how to protect themselves, and have the right to exercise protection in the way that best suits them. We provide ongoing training, mentoring and support to communities who have invited us to support their safety work. For example, through the new Community Peacebuilders Program in North Minneapolis, we are building relationships to collectively address community conflict and violence in North Minneapolis, building towards a world where communities navigate conflicts without the threat of force and work together to address systemic violence. Many other organizations have requested our assistance with ongoing trainings and mentoring.
  • Reimagining school safety: After the Minneapolis School Board voted to end their contract with Minneapolis Police to provide security at schools, NP collaborated with Minneapolis Public Schools to train and mentor unarmed school safety specialists. NP has also partnered with the school district to develop and co-coordinate a student peace advisory group: 15 students have taken the lead in developing new school safety initiatives and co-create trainings and engagement strategies to foster the safety and belonging of all. 

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The future of NP's work in the United States

In cities around the country, protesters and civilians have come together to de-escalate force by federal agents and armed groups, protect neighborhoods and local businesses, call for accountability in municipal budgeting and policing, and re-envision community safety. Yet, communities often grapple with what it means to maintain their commitments to less reliance on law enforcement response to safety concerns that can be resolved without use of force or threat of force. 

In this context, NP will continue to explore collaborations with community partners to open dialogue, maintain space for civic engagement and protest, as well as equip students, community members, and safety professionals alike with actionable frameworks and skills in both violence prevention and nonviolent resolution of conflict.

Total population: 339.7 million

Households with at least one gun: 45%

From New York to Los Angeles, hate crimes continued to rise in major American cities in 2022, with preliminary police data showing that at least six metropolitan areas recorded levels not seen since the 1990s. (VOA)

GPI Ranking of Peaceful Countries: #129 out of 163

Reimagining Public Safety and Security 

Opening Space for Dialogue and Action 

Keeping Civic Space Open

Our Impact

Across the US:
Minneapolis Public Schools school safety specialists trained in unarmed civilian protection to provide school security, rather than armed police officers in 2023 alone.
community members trained in New York in personal safety strategies for the #HopeAgainstHate campaign in 2022.
Minneapolis pubic high school students are currently participating in a Building Peaceful Schools program to promote peaceful resolutions and enhance safety.

Our Team in the United States

Director of NP US: Marna Anderson
Six civilian protectors outside

“We went through the training and now we’re downtown protecting the people. We came as one and we left as one."

Davion Jones
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Today, the level of violent conflict is increasing across the globe. This violence isn’t solving problems … it’s making the world more dangerous for us all. But you and I know there is another way. For 20 years, NP has been on the ground protecting civilians and working side-by-side with local communities to resolve conflicts. What makes our work truly remarkable is we do it all through unarmed strategies, and the extraordinary generosity of caring friends like you.

Snapshots of Peace

Providing Protection at Polls During the U.S. 2020 Elections

Providing Protection at Polls During the U.S. 2020 Elections

In the weeks leading up to the 2020 elections, NP trained 100 poll captains in de-escalation, nonviolence, and unarmed civilian protection. On November 3, 250+ volunteers who mobilized across the Twin Cities, MN to have a proactive and de-escalatory presence and prevent harm or threat of harm to voters and ensure that everyone had the right to vote free from intimidation and harassment.

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Crowd marching with sign

The Brooklyn Liberation March: Youth and Gender-Based Unarmed Civilian Protection in New York City

In June 2021, NP Staff ran a safety team of more than 100 volunteers for the Brooklyn Liberation Action to #ProtectTransYouth. Over a period of 9 hours, the team provided unarmed civilian protection for thousands, with a special focus on the Black Trans youth at the event.

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Dreaming and Acting Together: Building Real Community Safety in Minneapolis

Dreaming and Acting Together: Building Real Community Safety in Minneapolis

Reimagining community safety and security is no small task. That’s why NP in the US teams up with local organizations and community members who are knowledgeable of their community's challenges and modeling unarmed approaches at events and gatherings.

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