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The Campaign for a
Nonviolent Future

In our 20 years of building peace side-by-side with local communities, Nonviolent Peaceforce has witnessed the incredible power of nonviolence, community strength, and human resilience. But our survival requires a radical shift in the way we do things. Unarmed civilian protection (UCP) is built on nonviolence, re-connection, and a shared humanity - antidotes to our current crises. Violent events around the world continue to demand dramatic new investments in unarmed civilian protection. Join us to meet this demand and change the world.

Invest in the Future of Nonviolence

NP’s approach to unarmed civilian protection must become widespread to move away from militarized and violent approaches to conflict - to help change the course of history. Your gift makes the deep investments in NP necessary to accelerate our work.

Gifts to the campaign will fund:
Expansions to new protection projects around the world, including in the United States and Ukraine
The Good Practices project, which strengthens networks of UCP practitioners and advances the work of UCP around the world
Key advocacy, fundraising, and human resources staff positions and initiatives

Sustain Our Growth

At Nonviolent Peaceforce we have doubled our budget in six short years. But it will take much more than our current budget of $24 million to reverse the global resort to war and violence. Your gift means we can invest in the core functions of our organization that make possible exponential growth in our programs.

Honor Mel Duncan

Not only is a gift to the Campaign for a Nonviolent Future an investment in the growth of peace around the world, it is also a gift in honor of Mel Duncan. True to Mel, he wishes any celebration of his retirement to further sustain the work of Nonviolent Peaceforce. When you give to the campaign we will share with Mel that a gift has been made in his honor.

Detailed Funding Priorities

Investing in the future of nonviolence
» Expanded protection and safety programs to meet demands in Sudan, the U.S., and Ukraine: $320,000  

» A Director of Global Programming position and related activities to lead cohesive and sustainable program growth around the world: $300,000

» Registering Nonviolent Peaceforce in five conflict-affected countries to lay the groundwork for future program expansions: $500,000

» Stage 3 of the Good Practices Project: building strong networks of unarmed civilian protection practitioners and increasing the capacity of the UCP field: $480,000

» Dedicated time and travel for Mel to transition programs to new leadership: $60,000
Build a Strong Foundation to Sustain Growth
» Advocacy positions in Washington, DC and Geneva: $570,000

» A Director of Organizational Advancement to manage and grow fundraising, as well as fundraising investments in new U.S. locations and the Swiss market: $620,000

» A Director of Human Resources to manage the growing U.S. team: $150,000

Join the Campaign for a Nonviolent Future

We’ve made initial progress in this campaign because of a $1,000,000 three-year lead gift. Your additional support will help realize our vision over the next three years. Will you join the Campaign for a Nonviolent Future with your own three year pledge or legacy gift to fully fund this $3.5 million campaign and embrace a lasting peace?

If you're interested in being a leader for the future of nonviolence by joining the campaign, please contact Anna Zaros, Director of Organizational Advancement.